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Ethiopia Snippets

To support our partners at national meteorological agencies and other institutions, the CHG has developed a data distribution strategy that will allow these institutions to easily enhance their climate services. The foundation of this service involves loading large data sets, like enhanced CHIRPS data or downscaled Global Ensemble Forecast System (GEFS) into a web-enabled spatial data server. Once this is done, it is relatively easy for any meteorological agency to display an of the stored data sets through lightweight Javascript-based web pages, such as CHG snippets. One nice aspect of this approach is 'logo free science' support. So, for example, under support from USAID and NASA, the CHG can routinely download and downscale GEFS precipitation forecasts, making them CHIRPS compatible. This product, however, can be served by the Ethiopian Meteorological Agency without reference the CHG, allowing the NMA to be the key climate service provider for their country.

Enhanced CHIRPS data, which integrates synoptic stations provided by the NMA, can also be provided as an NMA data product via Snippets.

Examples of GEFS forecasts and enhanced CHIRPS are shown below.

Please direct any questions, comments, or suggestions regarding EWX Snippets or the EWX Map Snippet Configurator to greg.ederer@geog.ucsb.edu.

Note: Use +/- (or the scroll wheel on your mouse) to zoom in/out. Click and drag to pan.

Example Ethiopia Forecast Snippet

Example Ethiopia Forecast Anomaly Snippet

Ethiopia Reality Check Snippet

Ethiopia Reality Check Anomaly Snippet