CHG - Tools - GeoCOF
A map showing correlations between the selected rainfall zone, and SSTs in the different ocean basins.

The Geospatial Climate Outlook Forecasting Tool (GeoCOF) is a statistical software tool for seasonal forecasting of climatic variables, such as rainfall. Through a user friendly graphical interface, it facilitates multiple-linear regression modelling between climatic predictors (e.g. sea surface temperatures) and the predictant, usually seasonal rainfall totals.

The GeoCOF is a streamlined way of implementing the "SYSTAT process" with automation of various statistical analyses, improved functions for digitizing ocean basins, and simplified gridding of rain gauge data.

You can download the GeoCOF here.

A manual is available here to guide you through the process of using the tool to generate seasonal rainfall forecasts. Please see the GeoCOF CHG wiki page for the most up to date information on the GeoCOF.

Historical SST data for GeoCOF

Click here to download monthly NOAA NCDC ERSST version 3b SST data for 1971-2016 in the GeoCLIM (climdata climate data archive format). Data originally from http://iridl.ldeo.columbia.edu/.

GeoCOF is now using GeoCLIM as its data manager. It is advisable to install GeoCLIM and run it at least once before using GeoCOF. The GeoCLIM installer can be downloaded here.

The GeoCOF was developed by the FEWS NET/USGS in support of regional seasonal forecasting processes, in collaboration with the SADC Climate Services Centre.