CHG - People - Narcisa Pricope
Dr. Narcisa Pricope
Visiting Researcher
Southern Oregon University
Environmental Science
Phone: (541) 840-2848
Curriculum Vitae

Narcisa is a visiting researcher from the Environmental Studies Department at Southern Oregon University, where is an assistant professor of Environmental Science. She has joined UCSB in Fall 2011 to work with Dr. David Lopez-Carr in the Human-Environment Dynamics lab and Dr. Greg Husak and Chris Funk from the Climate Hazards Group on land cover change and population vulnerability to climate change in Africa. Narcisa has recently completed her PhD at University of Florida where she worked on an interdisciplinary research project in a semi-arid transboundary basin in the larger Zambezi Basin in Southern Africa, focused on understanding the relative importance of spatial and temporal changes in flooding and fire regimes in driving landscape and vegetation dynamics. Her current research focus lies in linking biophysical and remotely-sensed data with human health data to map population vulnerability to climate change and ecosystem degradation in eastern and southern Africa.

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