CHG - People
Chris Funk
Climatology, Famine Early Warning
Greg Husak
Rainfall Monitoring, Applied Statistics, Famine Early Warning
Joel Michaelsen
Climatology, Meteorology, Statistics
Alkhalil Adoum
Improvement of Food Security Monitoring
Gideon Galu

Tamuka Magadzire

Mario Rodriguez
GIS Crop Monitoring
Chris Shitote
GIS, Remote Sensing/Mapping
Diriba Korecha
Medium to long-term climate predictions and applications
Hari Jayanthi

Shrad Shukla
Large Scale Hydrology, Hydroclimatology
Diego Pedreros

Laura Harrison
Climate-land Cover Interactions, Remote Sensing, F.E.W.
Seth Peterson

Land Surface Temperature
Emily Williams
Population Dynamics, Climate/Society Interactions
Frank Davenport
Crop Production, Price Volatility, Malnutrition, Econometrics
Amy McNally

Hydrology, Remote Sensing
Kathryn Grace
International Health and Demography/Population
Sarah (Sari) Lucille Blakeley
Food Security, Financial Adaptation Tools, Remote Sensing
Catherine Pomposi

Pete Peterson

CHIRPS Curator
Marty Landsfeld

Greg Ederer

Will Turner
Rainfall Monitoring, Hydroclimatology, Famine Early Warning
Katie O'Brien