CHG - People - Chris Funk
Dr. Chris Funk
Senior Research Geographer/ Associate Researcher
Climatology/ Famine Early Warning
Office: 4716 Ellison Hall
Phone: (805) 893-4223
Curriculum Vitae
Career History and Highlights

Since 1997, Dr. Funk has been a founding member of the US Geological Survey/UCSB climate science team, focusing on developing new data sets, forecast strategies and drought monitoring techniques. Chris directs research at the ~17-member Climate Hazards Group (CHG, chg.geog.ucsb.edu) -- a unique UC-USGS research center focused on monitoring and predicting climate extremes in the context of global climate change. These efforts seek to help developing nations pursue climate smart adaptation while also providing realtime actionable information to the US government, especially USAID. His current research focus is on increasing Indo-Pacific climate variability and developing hybrid statistical-dynamic models that anticipate tropical and sub-tropical droughts.