CHG - People - Chris Funk
Dr. Chris Funk
Senior Research Geographer/ Associate Researcher
Climatology/ Famine Early Warning
Office: 4716 Ellison Hall
Phone: (805) 456-2842
Curriculum Vitae
Career History and Highlights

Since 1997, Chris has been analyzing, modeling and mapping African rainfall and satellite-observed vegetation anomalies. He is a Research Geographer with the US Geological Survey and a founding member of the University of California Santa Barbara's Climate Hazard Group (CHG). Chris' research focuses on three main areas: drought monitoring, drought prediction, and the evaluation of long term trends in climate and food security.

Working closely with EROS colleagues within the Early Warning and Environmental Management (EWEM) Program, Chris is working with African scientists to develop and implement improved approaches to monitoring trends and predicting droughts. As Research Director of the University of California, Santa Barbara's Climate Hazard Group, Chris helps coordinate a large multi-year collaboration between the USGS, UCSB and USAID. At UCSB, Chris advises graduate students and post-doctoral researchers.


Chris Funk has a BA from the University of Chicago, where he studied philosophy of science within a great books program, Fundamentals: Issues and Texts. He has an MA and Ph.D. in Geography from the University of California, Santa Barbara.