CHG - People - Amy McNally
Amy McNally
Assistant Research Scientist
NASA Scientist, GSFC
Hydrology, Remote Sensing of Soil Moisture and Vegetation

Using remotely sensed data and land surface models, Amy's research focuses on improving estimates of soil moisture and evapotranspiration for agricultural drought and water resources monitoring. In September 2013, she completed her PhD dissertation entitled 'Estimating root-zone soil moisture in the West African Sahel with remotely sensed rainfall and vegetation'. She enjoys working closely with physical and social scientists, as well as other stakeholders who are concerned with food and water security. After receiving a B.S. in Biology at SUNY-ESF she worked as an aquatic biologist for the US Forest Service in the Pacific Northwest. Later, she received a M.S. in Water Policy and Management from Oregon State University where her research focused on climate change and water sharing agreements between Israel, Jordan and Syria. Other research highlights have included studies on malaria and climate change in Africa, the socio-economic impacts of dams in Southwest China, the impact of aerosols on precipitation in South Korea, and global food, water and energy interactions.

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