CHG - News - FEWS NET data featured in NASA's Earth Observatory"
FEWS NET data featured in NASA's Earth Observatory
Photo Courtesy of NASA
NASA's Earth Observatory featured FEWS NET data for their Image of the Day this week, on March 20th, 2018 in an article titled, "Record Low Snowpack in Afghanistan.

The article discusses a record low in levels of "snow water equivilent" coming from the snowpack in Afganistan. These levels are concerning as, "snowmelt is an important source of water for crops and irrigation." USAID's Famine Early Warnings Systems Network (FEWS NET) reported that the high temperatures are expected to deplete the snowpack "sooner than normal, resulting in possible irrigation water shortages in April and May." The map on the right shows conditions on February 21, 2018, amid a low snowpack; while the left map shows conditions on February 21, 2017.

See the article on NASA Earth Observatory here.

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