CHG - News - Jankowska interviewed in <em>Nature Climate Change</em> regarding collaborative study with CHG
Jankowska interviewed in Nature Climate Change regarding collaborative study with CHG

Monica Contestabile from Nature Climate Change recently interviewed Marta Jankowska, an SDSU graduate student working with David López-Carr of UCSB Geography, regarding a recent collaborative study between Professor Carr's HED Lab and CHG. The study, entitled "Climate change and human health: Spatial modeling of water availability, malnutrition, and livelihoods in Mali, Africa" focuses on Mali and examines the relationship between livelihoods, child malnutrition and climate change. The study also highlights the need for "climate and health research conducted at finer spatial scales and within shorter projected time lines" in order to identify and mitigate vulnerable "hot spots".

Photo of Professor David Lopez-Carr,

Courtesy of UCSB Geography

Photo of Marta Jankowska,

Courtesy of LinkedIn

In the interview the interdiscplinary quality of the study was emphasized. This is best summarized by the final thoughts: "For something as complex as climate change and health, there is no way that researchers from one field of knowledge can know everything. Interdisciplinary research will become the main mode of doing research. Bringing together people who have overlapping but distinct skills and knowledge is one of the strongest tools for anticipating, measuring and responding to climatic change and its related effects."