UCSB Newsletter and USGS Science Features highlight new CHG CHIRPS The State of Rain
5-14-2014 | mentioned: Chris Funk , Greg Husak
Photo courtesy of the Climate Hazards Group

The release of version 1.8 of CHIRPS on May 1st has garnered some press. CHIRPS, a joint effort between University of California, Santa Barbara's Climate Hazard Group and USGS's Earth Resources Observation and Science (EROS), is a blended dataset consisting of 1981 to near-present satellite and station data. You can read more about CHIRPS here.

UCSB's newsletter The Current's article, titled "The State of Rain", can be found here (with quotes from Chris Funk and Greg Husak).

USGS lists their article regarding the most recent release of CHIRPS, also titled "The State of Rain", as the Top Story of their Science Features here.

UPDATE: 5-15-2014

The State of Rain story has also been picked up and is featured in the following: