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CHG Participates in Agristat Workshop
10-21-2010 | mentioned: Greg Husak

Photo of Greg Husak

Greg Husak was in Brussels, Belgium from October 13-14th, 2010 to participate in the Agrisat Workshop there. The objective of the workshop was to "review the state of the art, the current issues and the way forward in agricultural monitoring systems for different regions of the world". The CHG's experience in performing cropped area estimates for a number of locations in Africa, Central America, the Caribbean and central Asia allowed for insight on the current state of the practice in estimating cropped area. Furthermore, past experience with very high resolution data provided an opportunity for discussion about ways to incorporate this information in future work.

Photo of wheat crops, courtesy of JECAM

Following the Agrisat workshop was a one-day meeting of the Joint Experiment for Crop Assessment and Monitoring (JECAM) which brought together interested parties to create coordinated efforts for testing and validating methods of estimating amount and health of crops. There were a number of sites in Europe selected, but of relevance to the CHG was the selection of Kenya and Malawi as future JECAM sites. This will certainly lead to future work in these two African countries over the coming year.